Ranked Edge: Get Better at League of Legends

League of Legends is as competitive as ever, and summoners are looking for every edge available to get better and win more games. On “The Ranked Edge Podcast”, host Zach aka “Staticz” interviews the world’s highest ranking and professional LoL players to figure out how they ascended to the top of the ranked ladder. Guests share their top tips, techniques, and strategies on how to improve as a MOBA player, the resources and gear they use to dominate online gaming, and the mindset they need to compete at the highest level so that YOU can learn from the pros and optimize your own game. It’s all about getting better and climbing the ladder, and this podcast is the BEST way for you to improve your League game during your daily commute, workout, and day-to-day grind. With enough practice and determination, this could be your first trip on your way to Master, Challenger, or even the LCS! For more info and all of the ways you can connect with us, visit
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Ranked Edge: Get Better at League of Legends

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May 31, 2016

In Episode 7, I interview sam "JustCasual" Han, the owner and host of the League of Legends Anonymous Podcast, a weekly LoL Podcast and community for addicted players where the hosts love to talk about League and interact with the community.

On this episode, we discuss overcoming adversity and climbing the ranked ladder, even if you are a person with limited time to play the game.

Check out the show on iTunes, speccifcally Episode 102 where I am a guest and we discuss topics like Taliyah and the Elemental Dragons.

May 24, 2016

In Episode 6, I interview 54bomb99, a multi-time Challenge Tier player both in the mid lane and the jungle. He's been a shot caller on several amateur teams, and now is one of the highest rated coaches on (5 star rating after 90 reviews!!).

In addition to covering his experience as a player, we cover the entire mid-season update: Adam goes over all of the mage changes and gives advice on optimal build paths and play styles with the new items, as well as dropping some opinions and advice on the elemental dragons and removal of devourer.

May 17, 2016

In Episode 5, I interview James Lattman, a multi-time Challenger Tier player. He’s a professional ADCarry that’s played for several high level teams including Team Dragon Knights during the 2015 Summer Split of the NA LCS, and several NA Challenger Series teams. We discuss topics such as overcoming stress, working on your mental health, improving optimally, and being a beneficial force on your team.

May 10, 2016

Episode 004 is here, where I have a fun chat with Ponderous Sealion, the host of League of Legends Radio… A weekly League of Legends Podcast that features great tips, product reviews, game updates, and interviews with some of the top players in the world. Check out his show on iTunes (I'm on episode 47!).