Ranked Edge: Get Better at League of Legends

League of Legends is as competitive as ever, and summoners are looking for every edge available to get better and win more games. On “The Ranked Edge Podcast”, host Zach aka “Staticz” interviews the world’s highest ranking and professional LoL players to figure out how they ascended to the top of the ranked ladder. Guests share their top tips, techniques, and strategies on how to improve as a MOBA player, the resources and gear they use to dominate online gaming, and the mindset they need to compete at the highest level so that YOU can learn from the pros and optimize your own game. It’s all about getting better and climbing the ladder, and this podcast is the BEST way for you to improve your League game during your daily commute, workout, and day-to-day grind. With enough practice and determination, this could be your first trip on your way to Master, Challenger, or even the LCS! For more info and all of the ways you can connect with us, visit
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Ranked Edge: Get Better at League of Legends

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Apr 27, 2016

For Episode 003, I talk with Lohpally, a multi-time Challenger Tier support player and shot caller for several high-profile challenger teams over the last few years. Lohpally gives us an amazing look into the world of pro-play, and we discuss incremental improvement, taking 100% scenarios, zombie syndrome, and playing with a purpose.

Apr 27, 2016

Episode 002 has landed with BMXSpecks, a Season 5 and 6 Challenger jungler with aspirations of hitting rank 1 in dynamic queue as well as making it to the LCS soon. In this episode, we discuss setting realistic and achievable goals, in-game confidence, how to re-focus when tilted, and lots of great tips for the mindset we need to improve and climb the ranked ladder.

Apr 27, 2016

Episode 001 is here with S5 Master Tier Support, Twitch streamer, and Leona expert Ioki. Ioki streams high-elo support play daily, offers low cost coaching and analysis, and pumps out a TON of value-packed posts on reddit in the SummonerSchool sub. I’m thrilled to have him as the first guest of The Ranked Edge Podcast.

Apr 27, 2016

Episode 000 is a short prelude episode to start things off by introducing myself, providing everyone a quick description of the show, and sharing some of my goals and aspirations with you. On Ranked Edge, I interview top ranked League of Legends players weekly so that you can learn and improve your game.