Ranked Edge: Get Better at League of Legends

League of Legends is as competitive as ever, and summoners are looking for every edge available to get better and win more games. On “The Ranked Edge Podcast”, host Zach aka “Staticz” interviews the world’s highest ranking and professional LoL players to figure out how they ascended to the top of the ranked ladder. Guests share their top tips, techniques, and strategies on how to improve as a MOBA player, the resources and gear they use to dominate online gaming, and the mindset they need to compete at the highest level so that YOU can learn from the pros and optimize your own game. It’s all about getting better and climbing the ladder, and this podcast is the BEST way for you to improve your League game during your daily commute, workout, and day-to-day grind. With enough practice and determination, this could be your first trip on your way to Master, Challenger, or even the LCS! For more info and all of the ways you can connect with us, visit
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Ranked Edge: Get Better at League of Legends

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Jun 14, 2016

In Episode 9, I chat with Lost Time Memory, a Master Tier mid/jungle main and streamer on Twitch. He is a frequent contributor to r/summonerschool on reddit, and is the perfect proof-of-concept as he used the subreddit to climb frome Bronze 3 all the way to Master.

We discuss playing Zed and other assassins in the mid lane to snowball and have maximum impact on the game, Zed nerfs in recent patches, Viktor, Azir, and the Collegiate League of Legends scene.